Friday, May 6, 2011

Ruben Travels

Ruben Mata of Ruben Travels

When in Guatemala, travel with Ruben.  He is reliable, honest and he knows how to get around the country efficiently.

Ruben speaks English.  If you don't speak Spanish you can ask for an English speaking driver.   If you want to stop for lunch, Ruben and his team know the best places where the food is both good and safe to eat.  If you need to stop at an ATM just ask.  Ruben Travels will pick you up on time and get you where you are going in comfort.  For many regular Guatemala Travelers, Ruben is part of their in-country support network.

You can contact Ruben via email at:

Or call him directly on his cell:  (502) 5065-2447

Happy Trails!

University of Michigan Students - Travels With Ruben

Here are some links to our recent trip with Ruben.

Ruben (on Left), Midwives and Michigan M-Heal Biomedical Engineering Students

Link to a time lapse drive with Ruben: 

Here is a link to some Guatemala Travel Photos:  Ruben in Xela